SAFA: Provincial ABC motsepe and SAB League 2017/18 Season

SAFA: Provincial ABC motsepe and SAB League 2017/18 Season

As 2017/18 Provincial ABC Motsepe and SAB League season about to kick -off in all nine Provinces, though most of leagues experienced allegation of match fixings and maladministration’s as a results some club’s fate were finalized in boardroom.

Nevertheless this have been seasonal experience in most all the provinces and its getting worse every season. It seems professionalism is only practised when matters arised or against closed alliance nor friends to the officials.

In most cases reported  or complains made by clubs its the related to the appointment of the referee’s and football administration competition’s committee” are the most critical factors promoting match fixing/bad officiating, selling of games i.e. whoever paid more or better than others by hook or croock points are guaranteed

Bad officiating or match fixing affects the growth of the football and standard of it. Fingers cannot only be pointed to match officials and its administrations but to Club Owners/Club officials as well because they are the one who corrupted this officials paying them.

It will be great if all parties to come together and have one vision, mission and goal. If they really willing an intended to build and promote good football under this trademark ” Fifa Fair Play” by so doing provincially will have competitive sides that will compete strongly and challenge for honours.

In all nine provinces, we have promotional league’s which are very competitive. It have been found that most of match fixing is done by most over age referee’s. Most of them are no longer officiating for promotion as they knew that age is against them so the better thing for them is to make extra cash for living

Do we lack young and inspirational referees in the Country”?

2016/17 Provincial play offs both ABC Motsepe league and SAB league, we had young referee’s who had great games which says there’s talent out there and they have to be given chance in fulfilling their dreams but it have to be seen if there will be changes in that department.

As for administration all regions are facing AGM’s soon, where their fate can be decided if changes is needed, most of Provincial Executive Committee’s (PEC) operational/ administration is so disappointing as at times differs from SAFA constitution and they look divided

Let all Provincial Executive Offices (PEC) in this coming season 2017/18 present best ever season in lifting standard of the football provincially and that will be major boost to National sides, by so doing will have zero cases won off field and best teams will be determined to compete..

Officials (Referees) who have been found guilty or implicated in most clubs disciplinary cases, should get penalty or be red carded but that can only happen if our (PEC) act on such things that downgraded football standard and they have to be bold enough in making decisions.