ABSA PSL Players lack of exposure

ABSA PSL Players lack of exposure

One of the many things that need to be improved in our South African ABSA Premier League is the documentation of our player’s statistics. You take your time to browse the internet searching for information about our players but you only come across few articles that don’t reveal enough vital information.

International players are more like world class brands. They have well updated Wikipedia accounts that reveal their backgrounds, from early life, the path to their careers, the teams they play(ed) for, to the number of games they played, number of goals, assists and minutes played overall. Most of them even have personal websites that dish out extra ordinary information, like number of games played for all their previous and current teams, the number of minutes played, number of passes made over all, shots on targets, interceptions…everything you may need to know about their careers is well documented. Their social media pages(accounts) are managed by professionals who interact with their fans.

Only about 13% of South African players have Wikipedia accounts which don’t even reveal enough information about their careers. You only find their birth date, place of birth and current teams. The rest’s profiles can only be found on their professional soccer team’s website. There, only their date of birth, honours and nationalities are found. No information about their contracts, their personal contribution to the team and more.

For this, it becomes very difficult for overseas teams to notice them. Overseas teams opt to research about unknown players before they invite them over for trials. Documented up to date statistics would help one’s case, on top of the video tapes of the players that are sent over by agents. Of the fewest ABSA PSL players that have personal website, you find irrelevant information dominating the web pages, stuff like “I love cars, I have a Golf 5, BMW, and a Chevrolet.”

Players/agents must start looking into investing some money in marketing their brands/documenting the players stats as it is really very hard to get to know our players…their home languages, how many languages they may speak, whether they are married, whether they are fathers…everything worth documenting because these people are our role models, we need to keep drawing inspiration from them…the same way we know everything about world class players.

Somebody must talk to someone who may know someone who may request someone to pass the information over. As a professional web designer, I am a potential solution to this.