PSL : Chippa Utd continues to give football lessons

PSL  : Chippa Utd continues to give football lessons

Dumitru Ted has being a firm favourite fan of what we call South Africa football and his love for the style of play of Dan Malesela is not a secret. 

Joseph-Molangoane-160410-Celebrates-G-250Here he expresses and analysis Chippa United game against Supersport United yesterday

Dumitru Ted

The occasion was yesterday in their match against Supersport Utd when the learning was on how SA football can be BETTER played.

Hopefully, as the game was on SABC, a larger number of young players and coaches have distinguished the quality and efficiency of SA playing mentality (still an unfinished product) from the flops of surrogate football (Football that the world wants to forget).

Put aside the result – another dubious refereeing denied Chippa of two genuine penalties – and consider/appreciate the valuable display of Chippa’s superior ball skills, successful passing and dribbling (Over 60% possession), quicker and clever play (effective decisions), constructive arrogance, unrestricted attacking tactics, free-spirited individuality, fluent mobility, less fouls, compactness, etc.

Their opponent – Supersport Utd – struggled to cope with those Chippa’s challenges.

Most Supersport’s players are big and strong – the type of some GYM instructors who are packed with impressive muscles (unnecessarily) – and yet they suffer from poor agility, poor quickness (defenders) and limited skills.

They’ve surely learned that their approach – transition football – does not work well against teams like Chippa that are very mobile, quicker than average and superior on skill factor.

It was great to see that many Supersport supporters appreciated and cheered Chippa style of play and those moments of individual ball mastery displayed by the visitors.

In his post-match comments Baxter acknowledged his team’s serious deficiencies but did not mention the critical issue of playing identity, which will have a decisive impact in improving their game.

Overall, the game was another powerful example of the quality and huge performance potential (Chippa Utd) that can still be developed and perfected IF the strengths/attributes of SA players are RESPECTED in THE PROCESS OF COACHING AND TRAINING. THAT’S ALL ABOUT THE SA PLAYING PHILOSOPHY!

Do you share the same sentiments as Ted?