PSL : Celtic Chairman makes a u-turn on club sale

PSL : Celtic Chairman makes a u-turn on club sale

Bloemfontein Celtic chairman Max Tshabalala has made a u turn about selling the team after the management spoke to him


The Celtic management and supporters held a meeting on Sunday at Pax Nova to discuss their current problems and way forward.

Its revealed that during the week that local bidders will get first preference to purchase the club, after the Bloemfontein Chairman announced at press conference that only two bids were received but all of them were from outside Free State province.

Its believed that one bid was from Kwazulu Natal while the other was from Gauteng.

Before the meeting its believed that the Bloemfontein Celtic management had spoken to the Chairman to reconsider his decision to sell the team as they feared that it could be lost to the Province.

“ I may be angry, but at the end of the day I’m angry at certain people who are doing bad things.”

“But not at the Mangaung community, not at the people who are following this team. Not even people who are following soccer and love it. ”

“I told them I can’t take outside offers, I didn’t wake up thinking I want to sell the team. I want to give the people of Mangaung the first preference.”

Its also believed that Mr Max Tshabalala wrote a letter to the Free State government assuring them that the team will not be sold outside the province or lost to the province.

“Bloemfontein Celtic would like to categorically state that the team is NOT FOR SALE and will not be sold under any circumstances,” read part of the letter

Mr Tshabalala was not part of the meeting with the supporters, but the life president of the team Dr Molemela was part of the meeting an he even addressed the supporters and asked them that they  must work together with management.

“Re tsietsing Masele. Ha re lokiseng ntho tsa rona” Dr Molemela

At the center of the dispute was who was the rightful owner of Bloemfontein Celtics.

Some supporters were not happy that Botha Msila was seen to speaking on behalf of entire Siwelele fan base as well as the fact that he wears Celtic jersey at political party rallies.

Six supporters called on to the stage to meet the team lawyer, Cobus Bredenkamp to check papers and verify the ownership of the team.

Lloyd Tshabalala listed as the owner of the team since Max Tshabalala was still the owner of Roses United when he wanted to purchase Celtic.


“PSL does not allow dual membership hence the team had to be registered under Lloyd until a 12 months period elapses then ownership will be transferred to Max who is the real owner.” Khumbulane Konco

The Resolution of General meeting held today 6th, March 2016 were as follows :

  • The team will not be sold
  • The Interim Committee of elected to deal with supporters branch revamp
  • After branches have been revived and are stable, The elections for forming NEC will be organized
  • The committee must in due course call another general meeting to give report back from management concerning other outstanding issues like new membership card
  • Botha Msila must no longer make interviews claiming to represent supporters
  • Supporters agreed to attend games and support the team for survival

Interim committee members elected during supporters General Meeting were Paseka Suputsa, Mabena Pule, Mbulelo Ngalo, Puleng Ndlela, Palesa Mokhele, Eunice Molale and Lebogang Smith.

The interim committee will be working together with management to revive supporters structures until a strong NEC elected by branches.

The supporters further suggested that the interim committee should strive to strengthen and re-establish the structures, they should also make sure that they find a way for management to sell supporters a certain percentage of shared.