Kermit Erasmus : Orlando Pirates fans tribute ex-player

Kermit Erasmus : Orlando Pirates fans tribute ex-player

When the news of Kermit Erasmus’ departure from Orlando Pirates to Rennes hit the airwaves, there was an immense reaction from both fans of the ‘Buccaneers’ and Rouge et Noir faithful.


 As with any major player leaving a club, the response to the transfer always splits the support, however in the case of Erasmus and the Pirates fans, there seemed to be a positive majority.

Rennes caught up with a few followers of the Buccaneers to see what they thought of Erasmus’ news to Stade Rennais as well as giving them their chance own personally tributes their former striker. What did they really think of the man they called ‘King of Selfie’?

 One fan who agreed to be interviewed was Reshoketsoe Makofane, he said:

“I was honestly heartbroken by Erasmus’ departure because I didn’t expect my team to let go of such a great player. Kermit Erasmus was our best and most trusted player when he left. He was always there to save us when we needed him. It came as a shock to many. He left when we were still proud to have him as one of us.”


Another contact, Collins Nkomo, Chairman of the BucsTwitterBranch, said:

“Finding out that Kermit was leaving I could not believe it at first. I thought it was just a rumour, I couldn’t take it in for some days until the Soweto Derby, when he was not there. My heart was broken as I’m not going to see Kermit on the field playing for Orlando Pirates. Somehow I was happy for him because we all have to grow career wise at some time and honestly he served us well at Pirates and I’m certain his move to Europe came at the right time.”

Most people in France were unaware of Kermit Erasmus before he signed the dotted line at Rennes and will be wondering what type of player we will be getting. Collins Nkomo said:

“Kermit is a tolerant, reliable, true team player and recognizes others, listens to other peoples’ opinions, even when they contradict his own. Maybe his weakness is being sensitive – while receptive to criticism, because I remember fans attacked him on Twitter when he missed what looked like an open goal while playing CAF and he got a bit emotional about it.”

Reshoketsoe Makofane said: “Kermit Erasmus had a great way of handling pressure as he would always say ‘A game of football takes 90 minutes, the fight ends when the referee blows the whistle’. His weakness would be that he is more of a team player – to be at his best, he needed the help of his teammates.”


Finally, the Orlando Pirates fans gave this parting message to Kermit Erasmus:

“I’m so proud of him for achieving his goal to move to such a great club. In Kermit you have one of the best in Africa, I’m sure given time he will adapt.”

“Our message is simple: Go out there and represent your new home Rennes and South Africa. It’s not going to be easy but do your best, work hard and everything will fall into place. As the Orlando Pirates faithful we will forever keep you in our prayers. We wish you an injury free season, more goals and trophies for Rennes.”

“To Rennes, Kermit Erasmus will be one of the best players you have ever had. Give him more game time and he will not disappoint you. He will continue reminding you why you signed him in the first place.

 “To Kermit Erasmus, I am proud and happy of you, man. You’ve been nothing but a blessing to have. Show them why you had stolen our hearts, soldier!”

Source : Rennes