KaziFootball : Rebels win the 2015 Philly’s game tournament

KaziFootball : Rebels win the 2015 Philly’s game tournament

The Rebels are the new Philly’s games champions. This follows a 2-1 win over Amandla.


Philly’s games is an annual tournament which takes in Tembisa for 13 days during the off-season period. Amandla started the game with an amazing audacity, attacking with pace and skill. In the early minutes of the first half, they thought they had the lead but the referee and his assistance pointed it As the game progressed, Rebels found their foot. Brandon Morries took his time and show boated, standing on the ball and facing the stands before dishing out some more tricks.

This piece received a thunderous applause from the darlings of football. Moeti from the home team, Amandla responded when he dance with the ball also facing the multitude. The fans were up on their feet, exhilarated by these moves which were happening in the early minutes of the 1st half.

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Amandla were caught napping when the visitors received a counter attack which was eventually scored by Tsepo Matsila who connected perfectly with the ball putting it beyond the reach of the keeper. The visitors went to the half time leading.

The second half began at a high note as Amandla piled up the pressure in search of an equalizer. Joseph Mhlongo could have scored in the early minutes of the second half when he failed to connect his boot with the ball after Rebels keeper, Given Banda committed himself and failed to collect the ball and it went wide, just inches away from Rebels responded instantly by pace and skill, Augustine Leonard missed clear chance following a poor clearance from Amandla troops.

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The Lesufi boys kept on probing and eventually received a free kick which was just outside the box. A beautiful goal which brought Amandla back was scored. The confidence was restored and both teams threw everything from their kitchens to the opponent.

In the 88 minutes, a suicidal defending by Amandla gave Katlego Mogoje a goal which put the game to bed. Amandla sense of urgency couldn’t work as their number one enemy was the time. In that way they became the 2015 silver medallist, going home with the sum of R30 000, while the Rebels went home with the sum of R160 000.

Speaking after this game Kervin Kirstan, The Rebels captain said it wasn’t easy to play one game after one other, but they knew they’ve got to get it right. “This is a family, we know one another, and we have been playing together for quite some time. We have the likes of Tshepo Matsila who plays in Portugal. We have Luther Singh who plays in Sweeden.

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It was just a collective effort with the Thabiso Kubheka who plays for Amandla said, after half time then plan was too attack and close the gaps, but a silly mistake left them on the back foot. “When we scored we thought we have the game but now our mistake has made us to lose the first price “concluded the disappointed Kubheka.

Executive director from Pinnacle Holdings Takalani Tshivhase who are the sponsors of this tournament said, this is a way of throwing back to the community. By sponsoring Philly’s games they are playing part in promoting sport and keeping people away from the street. ‘We also have workers who work for Pinnacle in Ekurhuleni, coming down to this township it’s a way of giving back.

We are excited to see such a standard of football from the 16th December until to date.”Takalani concluded by saying he will be going back to his team to see what’s the way forward with regard to sponsoring the tournament in the next edition.