KasiFootball : Masokolara and Sidl’khotini out of Philly’s Games Tournament

KasiFootball : Masokolara and Sidl’khotini out of Philly’s Games Tournament

Day 7 was a very dramatic day as the crowd favourite Amasokolara and Sidl’khotini were dumped out of the Philly’s Games.

The first day of the Philly’s games to be held at Phomolong Sports Center as well the second leg venue for the last 16 stage.

Phomolong Sports Center was packed to the rafters. Football supporters came out in numbers to watch their favourite sports and players, something that could have made the PSL and NFD green with envy.

Masokolara become the first seeded teams to be knocked out of the Philly’s games, meanwhile Abarondoli become the first team to qualify for the last eight stage and Klipfontein United become the first unseeded and debutant team for 2016 to qualify for the last eight stage.

The day from the onset promised to be great as the eight teams fighting for the four of the last spots had to fight tooth and nail

The fixture of Day 7 was as follows:

10:00 Abarondoli vs Siyabuswa United

12:00 Ama BEE vs Amablessers

14:00 Masokolara vs Klipfontein Unites

16:00 Zone 14 vs Sidl’khotini

The day started with Siyabuswa United having a huge task of trying to come back from behind against Abarondoli. Abarondoli came with the game with a change squad, they had rested their strongest players. The game with the plan that they needed only one goal to wrap up the game. The body language of the Mpumalanga side, Siyabuswa United told a story of players who were defeated already before the game even started.

Abarondoli won the first leg of the tie 2-0. Abarondoli made their intentions clear from kick off and it wasn’t shocking when they scored their first goal of the match to lead the match 1-0 and the tie 3-0 on aggregate. After the goal both sides tried to push for another goal but they matched each other pound for pound for the rest of the game. Abarondoli won the game and become the first team to book a ticket to the last eight

Ama BEE and Amablessers entered the field to try and fight it out for the second ticket to the last eight. Ama BEE had a cushion of two goals from the 1st leg encounter. Amablessers had to bring their A game if they had any chance or hope of making it to the last eight.

The first half was evenly matched with both sides trying to score but lack of compusure let them down. Luvo from Amablessers was the man of the moment as he controlled the game well and made the team tick everytime he had the ball. The game went into the break with both sides failing to find the back of the net

Ama BEE scored in the second half to make the score 1-0 and 3-0 on aggregate. Deep in the second half Amablessers equalized but it was too little too late as the game ended 1-1 and 3-1 on aggregate. Ama BEE become the second team to qualify for the last eight stages

The third match of the day was between the crowd favourite Masokolara and tournaments debuntant Klipfontein United. Masokolara will be remembered for been coached by the former Orlnado Pirates Striker Jerry Sikhosana. Masokolara have skillful players

Klipfontein United came into the encounter with 2-1 cushion from the 1st leg. The game could be best summaried with the phrase ” you score I score”.  Masokolara came out guns blazing and it wasn’t a surprise when they got a free kick outside the box and it was converted to make the score 1-0.

Masakolara celebration got the better of them as immediately from the game restart, Klipfontein United made it 1-1 and the aggregate score was 3-2. The first half ended 1-1

Both sides came back with more focus and hunger to win the game. It was Klipfontein United who scored to take the lead in the game, 2-1 and 4-2 on aggregate.

Like it happened in the first round, the celebration got the better of Klipfontein United as immediately from the restart Masokolara equalized to make it 2-2 and aggregate 4-3. Klipfotein United should have increased their lead to 3-1 but their striker missed with a keeper to beat. The game ended in a draw.

Klipfotein United won 4-3 on aggregate and Masokolara become the first seeded side to be knocked out of the Philly’s games.

The last game of the day was between Zone 14 and Sidl’khotini. The 1st leg ended in a goalless draw so both sides had to give their all and push for a win.

Zone 14 drew first blood when they took the lead against crowd favourites Sidl’khotini early in the first half to lead the game and aggregate 1-0. The game was exciting with skills and flair from both sides.

Zone 14 increased their lead to 2-0 and slowly took control of the tie. The game went into the break with Zone 14 comfortable in a 2-0 lead. The game counties to be exciting but no further goals were scored and it ended with Zone 14 going through to the last 8 and the crowd favourite been knocked out