Tennis : Help a child to reach her goal

 The ‘’Get Khosi to the USA Challenge” is drawing to a close in about 10 days and she is only 12% funded.
 She needs 175 people to donate $20.00 each (R260.00) to help her get on the plane June 23. That is simply the choice to give up a lunch or a dinner out for her to realize her dream.

Funds can be donated either – or via a transfer to the family bank account set up specifically for this fundraising – Account name: AL Van Hout, Bank: FNB, Branch: Rivonia, Account #:62697963174.

Please help this promising young talent achieve her goals of winning Jr.

Wimbledon and being the best in the world.

The first step is helping her get to the U.S. where she will not only compete but get to watch the US Open.

Take the time to listen to her interview on SAFM and if that doesn’t inspire you to help this rising tennis star then I don’t know what will.