FAZ : New Zambian Football President Kamanga Unveils Vision

FAZ : New Zambian Football President Kamanga Unveils Vision

Football administrator Andrew Kamanga says the Kalusha Bwalya-led FAZ was making contesting the top football job harder than contesting the Republican Presidency.


Addressing a packed Newsmakers Forum organized by the Press Freedom Committee of the Post Newspapers at the Ridgeway Southern Sun Hotel on Tuesday night, Kamanga spelt out his vision clearing the air on assertions that he was ineligible to contest next year’s FAZ’s elections at the elective Annual General Meeting.

And Kamanga said that there was nowhere in the FAZ constitution where a sitting president could return a motion that was duly defeated at the AGM.

He said it was interesting that Kalusha was trying hard to unconstitutionally bar him from contesting the FAZ presidency despite the constitution being clear.

“This FAZ is very interesting because for you to be a presidential candidate for the country, I think the demands are very minimal and even the payment is so low,” he said.

“Are you surely telling me that FAZ should become so difficult to enter? By the way these are the same qualifications people used to enter FAZ but once they are inside they change and want to make it difficult for other people. Sure if the constitution of the country is so simple for you to stand as a presidential candidate, should FAZ become so difficult? It is unbelievable.”

Kamanga said according to the constitution all he needed was be nominated by a club and once the proposal was seconded there was nothing to stop his candidature.

“I want to take you to the FAZ constitution under article 17 where there is the definition of a FAZ member,” he said.

“I think earlier in the year I was accused of not being a member of FAZ which is correct, because I have never been a member of FAZ and I will never ever be a member of FAZ because the constitution is clear on who is a member of FAZ and I will read it for you. On member it says, means Premier League club, provincial association, allied national associations affiliated to FAZ includes a life member, honorary member, ex-officio member and associate members.”

He said that having served at Kabwe Warriors for six years with additional spells at Kitwe United and Power Dynamos made him more than eligible to qualify for the FAZ top job.

 Advocates of a change to the qualifications who came from Nchanga Rangers’Blackwell Siwale and Afrisport’s Gabriel Kaunda had moved a motion that a candidate for the FAZ top job should pay K25 million and also should have served in the FAZ executive before with the councillors shooting down the motion.
Kamanga drew the gathering to the posting of the FAZ website in the wake of the defeated motion in March last year quoting the text originating from Football House.

He quoted the FAZ posting: “The proposal by Northern Province to restructure Division One North and South to avoid play offs for the local teams to go in the said divisions has been defeated. Those for the proposals were 85 while those against were 157. Now being debated Nchanga Rangers and Afrisport to amend the constitution on qualifications of future FAZ presidential candidates.”

He added context to the quote, “Now this is the FAZ website, what are they saying about the motion which was on the table, this is on 28th March 2015 right in Kabwe, the motion has been defeated. Last week we were questioning that how can a motion which has been defeated be brought back and then you are saying you are continuing with the same AGM.”

Kamanga said, “The FAZ president decided that regardless of whether you are voting on it or not this matter was going to be tabled. Now this is last week. First of all why do we go to a meeting, collectively the FAZ council like I said in the first slide is the Supreme Body of football in Zambia. The executive together collectively under article 27 (6) I referred to it, the committee work together.

“The functions of the FAZ president are in article 28 and are very clear: he chairs all the meetings, recommends who becomes general secretary, he is the first among equals, and he is only got an extra vote where there is a tie.”

He said, “You tell me from this constitution where does the FAZ president extra authority to set aside a decision on a meeting come from? If we ask can you please clarify, we are accused of being noisemakers but we are just reading the constitution because the same constitution is very clear.”

Kamanga flaunted his business credentials citing the opportunities that lay in the insurance and pension sectors that football could tap into.

Kamanga has modelled his campaign on a three point plan that seeks the restructuring of the league, referees education and youth football.