ABC : Referee corruption killing both ABC and SAB league

Corruption seems to be daily bread to referees who officiate at ABC and SAB LEAGUE

thy8x20t1uThe PSL and NFD were surrounded by match fixing scandals a few years back, it now seems that corruption has moved to the lower ranks

Gone are the days when officiating used to be a passion to many.

Season has not yet started some have already made clear indications on who will be pushed

However this is not something new especially in NothWest it’s got influence from top to bottom and teams from SAB, SASOL and ABC league complains more about appointing referee saying his more involved into this and they made so many complaints to SAFA but haven’t been answered

Tshepo Muller Modise posted on Facebook that Buya msuthu will win the league and his the same person who is on list of referees that club says are Corrupt

imageWhen confronted he said it’s not him its another referees as he names “Sannyboy” who also in mix with those who accused on match fixing.

Sannyboy Mogomotsi is alleged to have told the Polokwane City Rovers Coach that Only Orbit will win the league

On his Facebook post “As long as SAFA don’t pay, it will be like that” Passion no longer there and this kind of referees are destroying football and club owners moral, Fifa fair play no longer prioritized on field as now money took the lead.”

Tshepo Muller Modise is not new to controversy sometime last season he was alleged to have stabbed a player

The have been complains as well from other provinces.

One Well know coach in Gauteng said that he was told by the referee that he cost them the game cause they refused to bribe him

When Mabaleng Sports Center investigated this matter further we found that some club officials go as far as offering match officials transport, food, accommodation and alcohol before and after the games just to make sure that all

As the SASOL league referee at paid R250 per team that they officiate

Many clubs have complained that this opens up bribery as one team can pledge to pay the ref R 1000 to make sure that they win at all cost

Its still unclear why SAFA is not paying referees at the lower ranks as that has opened the door for corruption

Attempts to draw comment from the head of referees at SAFA, Mr Sejake draw blanks