YAYA TOURE is ‘unhappy a lot’

YAYA TOURE is ‘unhappy a lot’

YAYA TOURE has lashed out at the British press for what he sees as a campaign of criticism against him ever since he arrived at Manchester City in 2010.


The 32-year-old midfielder has one goal and four assists so far this season, helping City to the to top of the Premier league after nine games.

After a poor season 2014/15 and a summer filled with rumours of moves away from the Etihad, the Ivorian’s return to form has been a welcome one for Man City fans.

Toure has continued to attract negative headlines though, most recently appearing before magistrates to admit to speeding.

However, Toure feels that he has been unfairly treated by the press during his five years spent playing in England, especially last season.

“I’m coming off a year when Man City finished second in the Premier League, which is the most difficult in the world,” Toure told French newspaper L’Equipe.

“I scored twelve goals, I also had to leave the club to join my national team who were playing the African Cup of Nations.

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“I missed almost two months [of Premier League football] and then I was criticised for not scoring as many goals as in the season before!

“They have always used their little ways to annoy me to distracted. I often feel that I’m unhappy. A lot.

“Here, things are never as they say should be. Shouldn’t we more interested in mentioning the positive rather than the negative, right?

“We, Africans, when we do a good job, we like to be rewarded, recognised. Because if a player is given fair value, we move faster. That’s what I think.

“When I came to City, in 2010, I heard people say here that I would kill football!”

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In fact, Toure did quite the opposite. In his first season, he scored eight league goals, and powered Roberto Mancini’s City side to third place and Champions League football.

However, when he first arrived in Manchester for more than £20million to join his brother Kolo, Yaya was criticised before he even set foot on the pitch.

“I arrived from Barcelona as a player who had not played too much the last few months, and they did not understand,” Toure added.

“The journalists spoke of my salary (about €1 million per month), saying that it was a shame.

“But I was just at this club to help it grow and win titles.

“Many people, beasts, I must say, have laughed at me when I said that. They wondered what I, Yaya Toure, could do to change City. And then you saw what happened next? We almost won everything.

“I did it, we did it because I was not alone, of course, but no one said a thing. It’s a bit disgusting.

“These people are not very smart. I do not have the habit of making shock interviews, I only say what I think. I’ve suffered for years, and now I have decided to talk. I mean everything.”

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini is adamant that star midfielder Yaya Toure is indeed happy despite the player’s insistence to the contrary.

“He says he is not happy about the criticism. He is happy. That is different. They are different words, you can interpret them how you want, but he is happy here.”

“I don’t think I have to answer how happy is Yaya. The answer is in his performances in the last four years he plays. He is a very important player and he demonstrates that in every game.”