Women Football : Professional Women’s league looming

Women Football : Professional Women’s league looming

Orlando Pirates Football and PSL chairman Dr Irvin Khoza, ended women’s month on a high note


The chairman highlighted and touched that South Africa women’s football needs a professional league.

He expressed that SAFA needs to establish a league just like the MDC league that will be competitive enough for the ladies to compete for glory.

He furthermore stated that the league should be one that the ladies receive salaries and endorsements.

Looking at European controls and South America clubs, the likes of Bayern Munich Ladies, Olympic Lyon Ladies, Man City Ladies, Arsenal Ladies and Notts Ladies team, the country has been able to produce results due to the competitive league which is run professionally.

Banyana Banyana coach Vera Pauw, expressed after the 2016 Rio Olympic Games that South Africa needs a competitive league.

The call comes after Vera Pauw and the public at large made a call that for Banyana Banyana to compete with the likes of Canada, Brazil, Germany and USA they needed a professional league

Most of the ladies who play for the above-mentioned nations play professionally and in competitive leagues

Nomsa Mahlangu head of the University of Johannesburg  has always expressed the importance of ladies in football.

Will South African’s realize this and will our ladies have a professionally run league?