“Why must i go for a meeting for my money”


The foundation under former Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates fc player Lucky Lekgwathi which host annual soccer tournament in Soshanguve to unleash raw talent and give hope to the needy, seems having challenges in keeping their promises as not yet paid their current Champs of 2018 Ndengeza fc…


When checking up with the organiser (Javas) real name Jabulani Mtshweni:-Hi there my brother hope you’re doing well, can u please assist me here…Ndengezafc says they haven’t been paid from the tournament how true is that and if its true what’s the delay?


Jabulani Mtshweni  ( Javas)” Delay is the sponsor who in turn has insisted we come to his office fo payment arrangements….and he (Mr Akani) Ndengeza’s chairman is not co operating.
#Mabalengsc: Am lost please make me understand?
#Javas; we have a 4year sponsorhip agreement wth the sponsor, in his 1st season wth us ( sponsor) experienced problems where he was alleged to have been kidnaped with all his business documents in the car and his accounts were freezed after thugs attempted several times to log- in into his accounts via laptop hence d account ended up been frozen..

#Mabalengsc:-  who is the sponsor?
#Javas: the fact i have  highlighted the 4year sponsorship deal wth him and patience we have practiced wth him so he resolve his issues should be an explanation enough we don’t want to loose him hence we pray he get sorted so our teams be paid, we trying to protect him and  believe  me we succeeded in doing that but finaly i hope tomorrow(yesterday or thursday”today”) we all going to be sorted or told when his going to pay teams hence he summoned all teams awaiting payments

Lucas let me inform you this guy(Ndengezafc chairman) we don’t care or what he does by trying to blackmail us, imagine he wanted payment just a day after the finals and he never stoped, he called us names, on top of dat he nearly caused chaos at the tournament by influencing referees to fix games for his favour..”We have proof”

I thank you hw you handled our conversation well, i was professional from your side” concludes Jabulani Mtshweni


#Mabalengsc: Hi there how are you?

I’ve spoken to Mr Akani Siweya, in fact he called me as not happy with your operation as not yet pair…..what might be the problem?

LuckyLekgwathi, “Talk to Java i am busy will call you later”

On his call later Lucky told mabaleng sports center, what was already Javas said about their sponsor being robbed..

Club’s not yet paid because no money is available to pay and sponsor’s name or contact can’t be shared either by foundation chairman or event organiser to get his side of story…


We (mabalengsc) conducted #Ndengezafc’s chairman Mr Akani..

#Mabalengsc: Any communication between you and the foundation regarding your payment?

Mr Akani Siweya “Ndengezafc’schairman” Lucas, communication is not good at all no professionalism in this;

I was told to go  to their office for my money, they have my bank details why must i go for a meeting for my money?

Its been 3months now waiting for my club’s prize money ,remember I’ve affiliated to be part of the tournament which I’ve won it fair and square but now i am struggling to get what i deserve instead i am taken pillar to post…

I am aware of accusations made that i called officials (referees to give me a game, i never called anyone i was called but on this regard what i need to get what i deserve not to be taken pillar to post, honestly i am disappointed in manner this have turned to be more especially with Lucky (Lekgwathi) former professional player whom we look at as our role model to our up and coming players, what i just need is my money R30k..

We have been waiting since the 5th of August 2018, it’s been full 3 month now ” Explains Mr Akani Siweya, Ndengezafc’s chairman

Yesterday(Wednesday) Jabulani Mtshweni (Javas) never got back to us as promised…


We are doing follow up with the matter in seeking solutions.