Whites, blacks, coloured and Indian Football amateurs played against each other first time

Whites, blacks, coloured and Indian Football amateurs played against each other first time

Article by : ENZO COPPOLA

The year 1973 will go down as an important milestone in South African soccer.


It was the year in which, for the first time in the long history of the game in the country, whites, blacks, coloured and Indian amateurs played against each other at official level.

Dr. Piet Koornhof, the Honourary Minister for Sport and recreation, announced that a multi-national soccer competition would take place under the banner of the Republic of South Africa Games.

Originally the games were set down for Pretoria, but at the last minute were switched to Johannessburg’s Rand Stadium.

The Special Committee working under Mr. Dave Marais, President of the Football Association of South Africa, did a magnificent job of organization. It comprised Dudley Zagneov (convenor), George Thabe, W. Warnasuriya and G. Peffer.

Ken Jacques, of the United Tobacco Companies (South Africa) was co-opted to the committee.

A professional coach was appointed to each ethnic group as follows:

Bantu: Mario Tuani

Coloured: Mickey Lill

Indian: Alec Forbes

White: Jimmy Williams

In costing the tournament it was found that the expenses would be in the vicinity of R38 000. As a safeguard, Messrs Corlett Drive Estates were prevailed upon to underwrite the project to the extent of R14 000.

A paid attendance of 99 000 people attended the Rand Stadium during the week of the tournament, which was an enormous success. A frequent visitor to the games was Dr. Koornhof himself.

It was arranged that two competitions should be run, a league and a knock-out.

The results of the league matches were as follows:

S.A. White 4 S.A. Coloured 0

S.A. Bantu 5 S.A. Indian 0

S.A. Coloured 4 S.A. Indian 0

S.A. Bantu 0 S.A. White 4

S.A. Bantu 1 S.A. Coloured 3

S.A. White 6 S.A. Indian 0

Final log

                                     P    W    D    L    GF    GA    PTS

S.A. White                 3     3      0    0    14    0        6 (2 for a win)

S.A. Coloured           3     2      0     1    7      5        4

S.A. Bantu                 3     1      0     2    6      7        2

S.A. Indian                 3     0      0     3    0     15       0


The results of the cup matches were as follows:

S.A. Coloured 1 S.A. Bantu 4

S.A. White 11 S.A. Indian 1

Third and fourth place

S.A. Coloured 4 S.A. Indian 0


S.A. white 3 S.A. Bantu 1