VarsityFootball : Six reasons why TUT will beat Tuks

VarsityFootball : Six reasons why TUT will beat Tuks

TUT are without a doubt the team to beat at this year’s Varsity Football and they are just one game away from completing a memorable season. Their level of consistency has been impressive.

They are unbeaten in two years, but that will count for nothing if they lose to their great rivals in the grand finale. Here are six reasons why TUT will win their second Varsity Football final.

TUT have a home ground advantage
It’s the shortest trip for Tuks, but it’s TUT, who will be playing as the home side. The amount of support that they tend to receive there is a big motivator. Their supporters create an electric atmosphere and they are the 12th man as they back their team all the way. In big games like this TUT need a 12th man and they have it in their intimidating fans.  Playing at home is a big plus for me and it will increase the level of confidence in their team.

It’s time for Themba Ndlovu to be a hero
What a player, he’s good with both his feet and he can take those set-pieces so well. His brilliance can easily decide where this match goes and he will definitely be up for it. This could be Ndlovu’s only chance to prove that he really is PSL material. A good player is judged by the way he performs in big games. Yes, Ndlovu scored a hat-trick in the 4-2 win against UWC, but his performance against Tuks in the grand finale could win him lots of admirers and we know what that means. It could result in a move to the PSL. His tiny shoulders will be carrying the hopes of TUT and depending on how well he does, they could end up lifting the trophy.

Preserving the unbeaten record is the big motivation for TUT.
They could be the first team in two years to win two titles unbeaten and no one will take that record away from them. It’s only one match to play and what a year this will turn out to be if they win the game. Losing to Tuks of all teams with a record to protect will be viewed as a disaster in the West part of Pretoria. There is all to play for including protecting their proud record.

This is a chance to equal Tuks’ two titles
Winning their second title will level the amount of titles with Tuks and this is an opportunity to do that. Tuks won it back-to-back and if TUT succeed in beating them they will also win it back-to-back and what a season this will turn out to be. Their victory will dismiss Tuks’ talk of being the only successful team in the history of the five-year tournament.

TUT are tired of living under Tuks’ shadow
It’s always ‘Tuks this’ and ‘Tuks that’ and TUT are tired of hearing all about Tuks’ success. This is their chance to claim the bragging rights and win their second trophy by silencing their illustrious rivals. TUT have been overshadowed for many a year and they are simply tired of being ignored. They too want to have the last laugh.

TUT don’t want UJ’s unwanted record
UJ are the only team to lose two cup finals and they will welcome TUT with both hands in that world. If TUT lose it will be the second time after they lost to UWC in the 2014 final. Losing the final twice is unthinkable for the team in red and it’s up to them to prevent that from happening.