#SupportersCorner : Where Did It All Go Wrong? WeMabhakaniya Kwenzenjani?

#SupportersCorner : Where Did It All Go Wrong? WeMabhakaniya Kwenzenjani?

Article by : Philani Philaman Madonsela

The current undesirable state of affairs at Orlando Pirates F.C. is not the doings of the current head coach Eric Tinkler. Its the consequences of Technical Ignorance by the Team Management.


Its a fact that Orlando Pirates have lost its Identity n subsequently its Culture. Pirates are renowned for playing good attractive football n that’s mainly because of the type of players as well as some Coaches that rendered service for the Club.

It is also a fact that in football the Individual brilliance of certain players will carry the club to greater heights but they need a playing philosophy that will make their job even easier n also help them fully develop n reach their full potential.

To Achieve this a Club has to develop its playing philosophy which will be in line with its Culture. When scouting for players n Coaches the playing philosophy of the Club must be a guideline.

If you look at players that came from the Pirates development Academy, they all had common attributes. They enjoyed playing carpet football n some of them had Natural skills that will make the game more exciting…creativity came natural but they will hit a brick-wall once in the Senior Team because the Coach will have a different Philosophy to what they were used to while at the Academy most of the times they will be left twiddling thumbs in the bench because the coach doesn’t believe in their style of play or because they cant adapt to the coach’s philosophy.

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This doesn’t only affect Orlando Pirates but my focus is on Pirates because I Love Orlando Pirates n i want to see them do well n sustain their success.

So whats the point of developing players using a philosophy that is different from the philosophy used in Senior team? Why buy dribbling wizards n hire a coach that will restrict dribbling wizards from expressing themselves?

We may want Eric Tinkler gone at Pirates but the problem will remain n that problem is not Screamer Tshabalala or Floyd Mbele….Technical Ignorance is the root cause of all problems at Pirates.

Eric Tinkler was groomed by the club that believes in direct football n that’s done from their development structures up to their Senior team so why hire that type of a coach for Pirates which have players who cannot play direct football?

Until this aspect of the game is properly addressed Orlando Pirates will remain underachievers despite the quality of the players in their coffers…