SASFA : DANONE Provincial Finals to Kick Off in Northern Cape

SASFA : DANONE Provincial Finals to Kick Off in Northern Cape

Northern Cape will host the first provincial final next month on 19 March at the Paballelo stadium, in Upington. But before then schools must play games at cluster level first.


Roodepan Primary from the Frances Baard district has registered to participate again. They have been competing since 2010 and went to the national finals in 2014 (finishing in 5th position) and 2015 (finishing in6th position)
They currently have a preliminary squad which should be trimmed down to by the time the clusters start at the end of the month.

They will have 2 players from last year – Eldine Sebeela, the captain and Aldine Steenkamp, who missed the national finals last year due to injury, and is the vice-captain.
Their lesson from last year: The boys must be able to take the pressure, keep calm and not forget the game plan. Passing skills are important Coach: Mr Christopher Jafta.

There are 16 schools in Roodepan’s area this year, of which Rietvale Primary is likely to be the biggest competition.
What the manager, Mr Chapman said: “There are few opportunities at the under-12 level in our area and the Danone Nations Cup is something the boys really look forward to. They get to see how other schools play football and interact with different people from different cultures. It makes them better all-round players and individuals.