SAFA : Rebranding Reposition Rebuilding Football in SAFA BOJANALA

SAFA : Rebranding Reposition Rebuilding Football in SAFA BOJANALA

SAFA BOJANALA hosted annual Lekgotla at Orbit Tvet college, under the triple RRR programme(rebranding reposition rebranding) football in the region

th9hg90avqFive (5) local football association executive members under Safa bojanala region were present and participated in this lekgotla under steership of Mr Lawrence Tlhowe who is Safa president at the region.

As introducing the triple RRR programme into football scale, the SAFA regional President talked more about schools football both rural and urban areas to be under one roof ( SAFA Bojanala) working together with local football

The President spoke about narrowing the gap between Indians, Portuguess and Somalis communities in Bojanala region on “saamwerk saamtrek” initiative programme of working together.

In presence also there was Department of Education and Sports, who also appreciated the invitation also wiling to work closely with the region in developing football in schools and communities

Mr Khupari said mouthful about football development and share his passion in football

He believes that working together will bare good fruits in future that will not benefit the region or province only but even national team’s

Though he emphasized that development must be taken serious and had to start from under 10’s up to under 23’s as he believes development must not only be at under 17’s or 19’s

Ladies soccer was one of critical code in discussion that they have to be introduced to football from school so that it can be easy for community football teams to identify them when it comes to regional selections.

Mr Ramatsi from Rustenburg community development office, promised that on the issue of infrastructure he will make sure that fields are well taken care off though wont be on mould of 2010 legacy but it will be payable and also advised Lekgotla that knocking on relevant doors can help alot unlike approaching people who don’t understand your needs or not interested in what your doing it will always delays programme.