PSL : Has been frustrating – Kjell Jonevret

PSL : Has been frustrating – Kjell Jonevret

Jonevret leaves South Africa – talks after the break-up: “Has been frustrating”

In February earlier this year, Kjell Jonevret was appointed new coach of Orlando Pirates, one of Africa’s largest clubs located in South Africa, Johannesburg.

Even now, it is clear that there will be no continuation for Jonevret in Pirates.

“It’s not a decision that comes from nowhere. The working conditions are very special in the club. You are very little involved, and it is frustrating. You want so much and you can not really help. I felt that it could not continue as it did and felt it was best to leave. So I quit, says Jonevret to the football channel.

What has not worked?
“Communication has not been good. It has been difficult to make his voice heard. It’s a big club with very many who want to be in and decide. The political bit is extraordinary in this club. I feel I must be able to influence the sporting more than I have done.

– But there are no hard feelings at all. Me and the club are separated as friends. This was the best for both.

When Jonevret took over the low club in eleventh place in the South African league, a place left on at the end of the season. At the same time, you won the final in the domestic cup, but lost to Stuart Baxter’s Supersport United.

Despite the fact that it did not become a sport of sport, Jonevret is still pleased to have the experience of training a team in South Africa.

“I’ve experienced something very special down here. It has given me more flavor. Now it’s about trying to move on. I still think I have done a good job under difficult conditions. This was the right thing for both parties, he continues.

How was your termination received by the club?
“They’ve probably known that I did not like it at the end. There have been rumors that they are looking at other coaches and that they should get rid of me. The chairman says he thinks I have done a good job, but they might still move on with someone else in the future. They were well prepared for this. You do not want to get fired, it’s nothing fun. This felt fair to me.

What is happening now to Jonevret is still unclear.

– This is still very fresh. I still feel incredibly lucky enough to keep up with my hobby. If anyone is interested in me then I will listen to it. I’m not tired of this, on the contrary, I’m badly ruined! I love football and have much more left to give.

You have been from allsvenskan since you left Djurgården 2006. Is there a league you can think of coming back to?
“If there is any Swedish law that would be interesting, I will of course listen to it. I’m still an old gold trainer! But altvenskan is not an end of purpose. I have to think it’s fun, that’s the most important thing, and lately it has not felt so cool down here. Hear any club where home is, it’s clear that I will listen.

Jonevret won SM gold with Djurgården in 2005 and has since then also trained the two Norwegian clubs Molde and Viking Stavanger.

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