PSl : Ajax and SAFA reach a partial agreement on CAF Competition

PSl : Ajax and SAFA reach a partial agreement on CAF Competition

It took a withdrawal letter from Ajax Cape Town to get SAFA to react and intervene. SAFA met the Ajax Cape Town to try find a solution to the issues that made them want to pull out of the CAF Competition

images (10)Last week Ajax Cape Town issued a statement that they will be pulling out of the CAF interclub competition as they couldn’t guarantee the safety of they players. Ajax Cape Town were not getting answers that they were expecting from the relevant parties.  Its understood that some of the information requests from Ajax were beyond the normal procedure questions.

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Ajax Cape Town will be representing SAFA and South Africa before itself. As procedure would dictate Ajax Cape Town had to communicate with the PSL which in turn would communicate with SAFA but the answers that they got were not to their satisfaction. It is understood that SAFA met with Ajax Cape Town yesterday to deliberate on the matter, trying to find a way forward and resolution. SAFA has said that 80 to 90% of the issues have being resolved.

Ajax Cape Town has since indicated that they had reinstated their plane tickets to Angola and final preparation would happen once the final information has being received. SAFA spend the most of part of yesterday communicating with the Angolan Football Association and CAF to resolve issues raised by Ajax.  Ajax Cape Town reassure South Africans that they are prepared and willing to represent the country with honour and Pride should all be in order.

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SAFA delegates will accompany Ajax to Angola to make sure that all is well, should they find anything amiss they will intervene. SAFA also meet with the other three teams to iron out issues that they could have so that another withdrawal.

SAFA and Ajax Cape Town has assured all that the game will go on.