KaziFootball : Philly’s Games to kickoff

KaziFootball : Philly’s Games to kickoff

Football fanatics in the East Rand area of Tembisa will witness another football fiesta as the Philly’s games are about to start.

Teams from all around Gauteng will take part in the annual December tournament that attracts close to 30 000 capacity. Teams will look to pocket the prize.

The Philly’s game launch will take place this evening and the fixture will be issued that time. The venues for the games will be as follows Match day 1-3 will take place at Ivory Park ema-7 (dusty field).

That is from the 16, 17 &17. Match day 4-6 will take place at Ground 11 at Esangweni section  (Dusty field).

That will be from the 19th, 20 &21. Match day 7-8 Will take place at Phomolong Sport grounds for two days, the 22 23rd December, (grass type of a field). Match day 9-11 will take place at Esiqongweni grounds opposite KwaLinda’s place.

The dates will be from the 24th, 27 and 28 December. There will be a break on the 25th and 26 December.

Match day 12 will take place on the 29 December at Mehlareng Stadium (grass field) and the Final will be at the famous Makhulong Stadium on the 30 december 2016. (Grass field)

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