Orlando Pirates Fans on CAF Confederations Cup

Orlando Pirates Fans on CAF Confederations Cup

We have initiated one of the most informative debates about the CAF Confederations Cup(CCC). Specifically Orlando Pirates fans were asked for their opinions on the CCC considering that the team is about to participate in the tournament this year.

Here is the Question, “Dear Orlando Pirates Football Club supporters

We need to hear from you. How much do you value the continental competitions? How high do you value the CAF Confederations Cup since we are about to participate in this tournament? Please try to influence your answer with reasons.

Do you know Dr Irvin Khoza’s ambitions around the continental tournaments? Let’s discuss CAF Confederations Cup. Yes, we all wish we were to participate in the CAF Champions League but we didn’t qualify to, but qualified for the CCC therefore let’s evaluate the confederations Cup.”

Given Khutso Giggs I think wining it hands an automatic place into the Champions League in the next edition and since the Race to second or first is Uphill we might as well have our fate in our hands and do well in it because Chiefs and Downs might do bad and we may lose the second spot in the CAF competitions.

Educated Thug Great Point Given, I share the same sentiments, I need us to go all out and bring the title home, winning a continental competition amounts more than our very own ABSA PSL title.”

Charlene Gretchen Matthys I value the Continental Tournaments very much because my Orlando Pirates is well known in Africa…. As for this season I don’t have expectations for PSL like I have high expectations 4 the CCC. The African Dream lives on!

Zandie Bucca Dube Continental competitions have too much pressure, too many games to be played to reach the finals which need more time and more (fit) players. We’ve seen it when we almost achieved the second star. But i will say this; i loved every minute of it. Towards the end, even other teams in SA stood up, paid attention, wanted to be like OP. I take these competitions very seriously. I wish we can do it all again, and I believe we can still achieve the second star.

Kamogelo Fbk Kgafela So it’s best if we start buying our tickets and support the team, it’s our ” #Europa ” league, every continental triumph is good for the team and da country, look at Andile Jali

Nebb Ham-Aiyaafah Molifi The only team that earns automatic qualification is the holders of the previous Champions League. The rest of the teams qualify by virtue of either winning their domestic league, or becoming runners up of their respective leagues….. The champion of the CCC must qualify like the rest of the teams

Nebb Ham-Aiyaafah Molifi According to Wikipedia on CAF CL:

‘The competition is open to the winners of all CAF-affiliated national leagues, as well as the holder of the competition from the previous season. From the 2004 competition the runner-up of the league of the 12 highest-ranked countries also entered the tournament creating a 64-team field. This was in response to the merging of the CAF Cup, the secondary pan-African club competition where the league runner-ups would previous play, with the CAF Cup Winners’ Cup to create the CAF Confederation Cup. The 12 countries would be ranked on the performance of their clubs in the previous 5 years.”

Mpumza Wale BhakaJuju to me CCC is a waste of resources. Yes, winning it means you participate in the CAF CL the following year but I don’t see the importance of participating in CCC.  If let’s say we win the 2015 edition. That would mean we will participate in the 2016 CCL edition but we won’t stand a chance of winning it (CL) because of fatigue (look what the 2013CL participation did to our boys). That would also mean we won’t be able to win the 2015/2016 league and thus will have no chance of participating in the 2017 CL edition. I think its best we lose this cup @early stages and focus on winning the 2015/2016 league so we can participate in the 2017 CCL edition to have a chance of participating @a World stage @Club World Cup cause that’s what matters – been counted amongst the best!

Thulani Sparks Mthombeni Nebb is correct…it’s only the Super Cup which is qualified for by winning the CCC…thats as far as it goes….after that you go back home…since it’s the ACL winner who goes to WCC…”

Nebb Ham-Aiyaafah Molifi I hope Thulani Sparks Mthombeni, people are not being misled by the fact that Al Ahly qualified for this year’s CL after winning CCC last year. The story of Egyptians and their league is very complicated, for the past 2-3 editions, Ahly and Zamalek have been qualifying for the CL, even though their league was suspended… How they come to who qualifies from that league, only they know. But I emphasize, winners of the CCL DO NOT GET AUTOMATIC SPOT IN THE CL

Educated Thug So, if you win the CCC as you call it, will you qualify to automatically participate the next CCC tournament?

Nebb Ham-Aiyaafah Molifi That is true Educated Thug, but should team X do well too in their domestic league and let’s say they win the league, the runners up of the CCC will get automatic qualification of the next edition of CCC, while team X do duty in the CL

Mpumza Wale BhakaJuju “mna I wouldn’t mind if our team could win the league and lose all the other cups, win the CCL then participate in the Club World cup! I would be the happiest Juju ever!”

Jeza Mandla Mj “Same to me Mpumza Wale BhakaJuju . Winning CCC will market our team as whole worldwide and get another reason to boast here eMzansi. For me, the league is already gone, if we don’t do well means in 2016 will sitting here at home rolling our thumbs while other teams are doing duty in Africa.”

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