NedbankCup : It will be the battle of the Modiba’s

NedbankCup : It will be the battle of the Modiba’s

Come Septemeber is will be the battle of the Modiba’s as the 2014 Graduate Aubrey Modiba will be facing his cousin 2017 Graduate Justin Modiba

The right back, Justin Modiba made the final 18-man squad in the Nedbank Cup Ke Yona team search.

Aubrey (22) and Justin (21) Modiba grew up together, attending primary school together as well playing for the same team at one stage.

They call each other brothers but they are really cousins.

“He aunt’s son so he is my cousin, but I call him my brother because we grew up like twins,” said Aubrey

“I grew up playing soccer with Aubrey and now he is playing for SuperSport. He is a great example for me. We grew up like twins. ” said Justin

“We only separated when we were in grade eight because he went to the school of excellence, so I had to go stay with my grandmother because I lost my mother when I was doing grade seven,” Justin added.

” At one stage it was said that when one is not playing in the team the other doesn’t perform and it was true,” said Aubrey Modiba

Justin Modiba picked Maritzburg United where he will be for a month long trial. It was a tense moment as the names were called and Justin name was not coming. When he was finally called he was very emotional and shed real tears.

” I was emotional cause everything I do, I do for my mother. I was raised by my Grandmother in Cosmo City and I have been through a lot in my life and this is a dream come true” said Justin

It wasn’t only Justin who was happy to make it to the Final 18 Squad also his cousin Aubrey was happy and went on stage to hug him plus put the Maritzburg United on his jacket.

“Martizburg United is a good team for me, cause I don’t want to start high. It’s a team that I believe I can do well in. I told the guys during the day that I will go to Martizburg United” said 2017 Graduate Justin Modiba

“I am looking forward to my time at Maritzburg. According to me, Maritzburg is a big team. They give young players a chance.” concluded Justin

Just like 22-year-old Aubrey Modiba who is a product of ke yona team search himself,  Justin hopes this time it’s him who will raise the Modiba name to new heights. The Supersport left back believes in his cousins ability and thinks he can make it if he works hard enough.

Aubrey as well believes in his cousin’s ability and thinks he can make it if he works hard enough.


“I am so happy for him [Justin Modiba] because he has been through a lot since his childhood. He has the talent, but he was not serious about it. He had some issues, like his mother passing on. I think that affected him, so he did not want anything to do with football,” said Aubrey

“But maybe seeing me on the screens motivated him. He told me that he wants to join the Nedbank Ke Yona team search and I told him to do it. I think he will go far because he has been working hard. ” add Aubrey


The Ke Yona team search winners will play against 2017 Nedbank Cup winners SuperSport United on September 3.

“For that 90 minutes, I am going to forget a little bit about the fact that he is my brother. I am looking for a job, so I need to impress. You don’t stop working until you get what you are looking for.” said Justin

“It will be Modiba against Modiba, which will be a dream come true. I am looking forward to that,” Justin adds.