MotorSport : Gymkhan Grid invites professional car spinners

MotorSport : Gymkhan Grid invites professional car spinners

A motor racing competition which will be hosted by Gymkhana Grid in conjunction with Monster energy drink has extended its invitation to all professional superstar drivers to be part of this first Gymkhana edition in South Africa.

This news were delivered during a launch which took place at Carnival City on Wednesday. The much-anticipated car racing and spinning is expected to take place on the 18th and 19th November at the impressive Carnival city resort.

Speaking on behalf of Gymkhana Grid, James Gilbert. Said this competition gives ordinary drivers a chance to be masters of this craft and make it in life.

“We are looking for this raw talent. You don’t have to come from a motor sports family” said Gilbert who added that they wanted to bring this American-style to Africa over the past few years and finally they expect it to be more exciting following the stories they have been reading about South African when it comes to car drifting.

Gymkhana combines different forms of driving techniques which include power slides, drifting and include other platforms which include speed.

The competition set up gives drivers of All wheel Drive (AWD) and Rear wheel drive (RWD) cars the chance to go head to head, and against the clock, on a custom designated course.

He said drivers from the township should come to excess promotions events and if they qualify they will get through.

Last year this competition was in Greece and its expected to do much better in South Africa as excess events will be made throughout the country, where locals are encouraged to come with their cars if they meet the racing standards they can then be part of this phenomenal experience.

Gilbert alluded that he believes it’s not going to be an easy walk for the guys visiting as they come head to head with the locals.

Gilbert concluded by saying they will have a course which is not spinning ahead of the main event. People who are interested can apply to access promotions.

The aim of the course is to determine how fast one can be before they pass to the next stage.

The two international superstars who attended this launch were Luke Woodham who won the competition for the past three consecutive years since 2014 to 2016 and Riku Tahko who compete mostly in the European countries.

For more information, readers can visit Gymkhana Grid Facebook channel.

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