Mario Balotelli’s background & life in general

Mario Balotelli’s background & life in general

Mario Barwuah was born in Palermo, Italy on the 12th of August 1990 to Ghanaian parents. In 1993, the authorities suggested he be placed into foster care. The Barwuah family gave up the three-year-old boy to an Italian foster family, the Balotellis. His foster parents are Silvia, and Francesco Balotelli. They lived in the town of Concesio, Brescia, in northern Italy.

At first, he stayed at the Balotellis during the weekdays, and returned to his biological parents on weekends. But after a while he started to be uninterested in his biological parents and adopted the surname of the Balotellis hence he is well known as Mario Balotelli, and it was arranged for him to be permanently fostered by the Balotellis.

Balotelli had to wait until his 18th birthday to request Italian citizenship, as the Balotellis had not adopted him. Balotelli officially gained citizenship in Concesio on 13 August 2008. After the ceremony he released the following statement: “I am Italian, I feel Italian, I will forever play with the Italy national team.”

Mario has three biological siblings: Abigail, Enoch, and Angel Barwuah. Enoch Barwuah, two years his junior, had a trial at English Premier League side Stoke City in December 2011, and Sunderland in January 2012, before signing with Salford City on 16 November 2012. Enoch switched to Maltese Premier League side Qormi in July 2013.

Mario started his professional football career at Lumezzane and played for the first team twice before having an unsuccessful trial at FC Barcelona, and subsequently joining Inter Milan in 2007. Inter manager Roberto Mancini brought Balotelli into the first team, but when Mancini left, Balotelli’s disciplinary record fell away. He had a strained relationship with new manager José Mourinho and was suspended from Inter’s first team in January 2009 after a number of disciplinary problems. In March 2010, he came under criticism by Inter fans after he appeared on the Italian TV show Striscia la notizia, wearing an A.C. Milan jersey. This damaged the prospect of him having a long career at Inter, but he did make several appearances after that.

Senior career*
Years Team Appearances (Goals)
2006–2007 Lumezzane 2 (0)
2007–2010 Internazionale 59 (20)
2010–2013 Manchester City 54 (20)
2013–2014 Milan 43 (26)
2014– Liverpool 12 (0)

Some Crazy thing Mario has ever done:

He randomly showed up to a press conference in Italy where a new coach was being introduced at an unrelated team, then left (March 2012)

He randomly showed up to a press conference in Italy where a new coach was being introducing at an unrelated team, then left (March 2012)

The coach said after, “We did not know he was coming but it’s not the first time. It’s typical of Mario.”

Source: Inside World Soccer

A youngster asked Balotelli for his autograph after practice one day. When Mario asked him why he wasn’t in school, the kid said he was being bullied.

So he drove the boy and his mother to school and gave the bully a talking to. He also met to the headmaster to discuss the issue.

One of his intelligent quotes:

“Sometimes in football you deserve to win but lose. Other times you deserve to lose or draw but you win. That is the game, and it’s why I’ve always said you should never try to predict anything in football, especially in Europe.

Mario Balotelli”