KaziFotball : Another Scara Ngobese is born

KaziFotball : Another Scara Ngobese is born

SAMKELO NGOBESE Son of the late Emmanuel Scara Ngobese is distant for grater heights 


12 year old boy in the milds of his father. Gifted and looks more talented than his father.
He helped the U13 team to win the Scara Ngobese Memorial Festive Tournament.

The boy takes from his father, left foot of his father, tallness of his father, body of his father, brilliant brain of his father, skills of his father, jogging of his father, and running of his father.

Wishing you all the best on your future football career endeaveours SAMKELO “Jam Jam” NGOBESE


Source :  Zonke-Kaofela Sport Development