KasiFootball : The stakes are high at the Philly’s games

KasiFootball : The stakes are high at the Philly’s games

The Tembisa annual off season tournament known as the Philliy’s games, continues to be one of the best off season tournament in the country.


The commitment shown by the participating teams has proven that the stakes are high. The 24th edition tournament began at Ivory park on the 16th December before moving to Esangweni ,where four teams were booted out of the tournament.

The first match of the day was between the Black stars and Ranyawa11. The Stars won by 7-2 on aggregate, as they won 2-0 in the first leg of this stage. After scoring their 3rd goal, Stars began to exhibit their skills on the field of play. Ranyawa piled up the pressure and managed to score two consoling goals as they exit the competition.

The second match of day four was between the new comers, Ama-Juvenile and the New school who were not coming for the first time. They came to this game with three goals each, however Ama-juvenile did not come into party as New school added their tally by two more goals making it 5-3 on aggregate. The interesting part about ama-Juvenile is that they give the young stars an opportunity to expand their confidence of playing before the crowds.

The Spice boys from straight-line in Tembisa locked horns against the Limpopo side, Gunners. They came to this game with a 2-2 draw, by the end of the match the score was 3-3. The match was decided by the penalties. Gunners converted four of their penalties and the Spice boys missed two. In that way they were also kicked out of the tournament. This team has never progressed to the next phase of the tournament ever since they started to partake in the Philly’s game.

The last game of the day was the most exhilarating match which was also decided by penalties. G-String won by 4-2 against Flamingo. Both of these Tembisa based teams side managed to score once in the first leg of this stage. Today’s encounter proved how hungry are the boys to advance to the next phase. Flamingo were the first to register their name in the score sheet. G-String replied and equalized. Flamingo increased the tally to two. When G-string equalized to make it 2-2, the Flamingo boys ran to the referee to dispute the goal which was scored. The organizers of the tournament were forced to come in a calm the situation. The goal stood and eventually, both teams had to kick their penalties. G-String advanced to the next stage as they won by 4-2.

Speaking after this game the Philly’s game PRO, Nthabiseng Mokena said, So far the fans are pleased. They have been compensated with great performance by all team who had already touched the ball. ‘Great attendance, outstanding games, great goals. People have been given what they want to see” said Mokoena” she concluded by saying, in this tournament there is no weaker team. Every day it’s a do or die moment.

The tournament will continue until the 30th December. However there will be a break on the 25th and the 26th, to allow the people to devote this precious time with their loved ones, and then resume on the 27th at Esiqongweni sport ground. The winner will take home a cheque of R160 000, while the second, third and fourth teams will all go home with R30 000 cheques.