KasiFootball : Philly’s Games first lady Assistance Referee (Exclusive)

KasiFootball : Philly’s Games first lady Assistance Referee (Exclusive)

“Babes we Flag”, She is running the lines and making tough calls at 25th Philly’s games in Tembisa

Ladies have claimed their stake in football over the years. We have seen an few officiating at the Professional ranks and the Philly’s games have their own “Babes we Flag” as fans call her. She is currently doing duty in the in the SAFA SAB ranks in Gauteng

Lindiwe “Babes we Flag” Motau is from Tembisa. She is the only female match official doing duty at the 25th Philly’s Games and this works well as it ties to women empowerment and upliftment. She is the extraordinaire assistant referee. She is tough as nails and stands firm on her decisions and not easily intermediated.

She has been running the line from day one till today doing at least two games a day.

Mabaleng Sports Center caught up with her at the Philly’s Games in Phomolong Sports Center to understand what drives her in this industry

MSC : When did you stand been an assistant referee?

Babes we Flag:  I have four years in this industry as an assistant referee

MSC : When did you start officiating at the Philly’s games?

Babes we Flag: I started last year, 2015

MSC : What inspired you to be an assistant referee?

Babes we Flag:  Before I was a soccer player and then I hanged my boots. Then I decided to be a match official cause I love football too much

MSC : Why did you stop playing football?

Babes we Flag :  I hanged up my boots cause I saw another opportunity in the match officiating space. But the main reason I hanged up my boots is cause the is professional league for ladies in South Africa so it gets boring playing in the same league year in year out without growth, so that let me down and demotivated me. Everyone in life deserves a second chance so this is second chance

MSC : We see a lot of match of match officials being male how do you handle the pressure from players, fans and technical staff of teams?

Babes we Flag : The pressure is there but as you saw on a few occasions I can handle the pressure very well. Nothing scares or intermediates me

MSC : Are you officiating in nay South African leagues apart from the Philly’s games?

Babes we Flag :  Currently I’m only doing SAB leagues

MSC : What are your future plans in this industry?

Babes we Flag : I want to see myself officiating in the PSL and Maybe CAF if not FIFA events

MSC :  What will take you for you to move up the ranks in terms of officiating ?

Babes we Flag : I would have to attend, write and pass my match official test, which is something I’m in a process of doing. So far I’m doing well and maybe next year I would move one level up

MSC : Do you think that maybe 2017 Philly’s games we could see an all female match official group?

Babes we Flag : Exactly, everyone has a chance and opportunity like I do. We do need female match officials in this game so I wish and hope that other females officials will come forward

MSC : When you officiate what motivates you ?

Babes we Flag : What motivates me is seeing the crowd and as well when I do a game if they haven’t sweared at me it means I’m not in the game but when I’m shouted and sweared at I know I’m in the game and doing something right. When they swear at me they give me more power and motivation

MSC : How are you male colleagues treating you?

Babes we Flag : They are very helpful, they encourage and motivate me a lot

MSC :  Are you currently mentoring or helping other female match officials?

Babes we Flag : Currently I’m not although its my wish for later on to empower my fellow female officials. I hope what I’m doing will inspire and motivates other females to see that this can be done, and they will walk in our footsteps

MSC :  Thanks for you time Babes we Flag

Babes we Flag : Thanks Buti