Is some of our Provincials Executives Committee’s and referee’s captured?

Is some of our Provincials Executives Committee’s and referee’s captured?


First lets congratulate Provinces where it’s club’s won their respective league’s and qualify for promotional play-offs without boardroon route in deciding their fate…

It is with great concern and dissapointing that our development league’s our grassroots football which is referred as football foundation, no longer exciting with flair and good display of football on field instead the game is more played on field and be decided at boardroom..

It seems this is a norm and whoever involved is doing it without any fear and master it well, each province have same problem of match officials who are more into money than promote FIFA FAIR PLAY on field..

Then the same referees will defend themselves on those allegations of match fixing that ” Let SAFA pay us then we will fair and honest to any team, but as long as SAFA give this attitude then will never ever ignore what is placed to us by clubs, its business (you pay i deliver)”


This says clubs are the one’s who corrupted this officials, by seeking favours off which football and football doesn’t mix but then what is the duty of Provincial Executive Committee’s regarding this burning issue that destroys our football and  it happens in front of their eyes?

Money has played critical role is most of PEC’s offices and favour was order of the day hence division within those members and you will never have exact or accurate answers from them, then some will advise clubs to write letter to SAFA or go to the office direct but the same organisation will refer them to the same PEC nor regions to resolve matters that have been articulated..

Three provinces so far done so but not yet answered or given feedback, simply because each province has faithful and reliable person in PEC sharing plate with the person in the National office which it make difficult for whoever involved to solve matters on hand because there’s always cover up..

Clubs must come clear and know what’s is their goal in mostly on development football and they must know that its a process on grassroots if needs quality out of it, there’s no short cut..

By so saying clubs have to come forward with names of officials which they have corrupted and be removed immediately from the panel then football be an ultimate winner at the end.

Other critical issue is fitness tests for referees that have been conducted throughout the country have to monitored thoroughly because most of problems starts there as most of officials fails there completely but surprisingly will be back at the panel and even got promotion, then that brings friction with those who have done well during those tests but yet ignored and it is were favourism starts which is what kills and destroys moral and passion who are determined in this game then ended up being involved in off field game to make living, though some says it’s risky but they have to risk…

In development/promotional league’s some of age’s of certain referees are in question and most of them their names got caught in fixing the game but nothing done or no action by their own PEC, which then questions them they will refer you to SAFA…

Then comes question” Do Provincial Executive Committees knows their duties in that office?”

Our provincial offices are hugely occupied by officials who are wearing two caps in same head, hence confusion, this will tell how most cases  ended up in boardroom it’s because of the same officials who are captured and promoting favouritism because of money taken up front instead of FIFA FAIR PLAY

Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, NorthWest, Gauteng, Mpumalanga,CapeTown, NorthernCape, Bloemfontein and Limpopo let’s all unite in building our football without fear or favour to produce quality to our various National teams and let football be a winner