I don’t think he sold the game but only God knows




Let me be honest and frank with you,
When Orbit college won the leaque i was helping them with ideas and plannning..
Remember ,they approached me when Moretele Gunners was leading them with 12 points and they won the league with clear 6 points;
They  then sidelined me when going to the play offs including the preparation because they were striking a deal with Buya Msuthu to buy a certain percentage in Orbit college and i think it was 60% if i am not mistaken, thinking that they will win promotion and go to NFD..

I was seen as a disturbance in that deal, the following season the same Buya Msuthu approached me and because i dont hold grudges, i helped them and they won the leaque.
They approached me in January, two weeks before Tebogo Moloi could go to Chippa united.

Last season i took Witbank spurs based in Mpumalanga position 5 in the NFD and it was for the first time in the club history to achieve such a milestone.
Considering that the two so called competitive teams,Orbit college and Buya Msuthu used my expertise to win the leaque,then i dont fear them.
They are actually more worried about me than their teams
I am here to compete and i will win the leaque convincingly so.
“Watch the space”

I have brought in Lebogang Mothibantwa and Jacob Mokgasi to strengthen the technical team
Glen Makgale will be analysing other games and opponents
We have signed Patrick Ngidi from Kings and Katlego Killer Mphela from Royal eagles to strengthen our attack

On Cleo’s departure there’s hearsays that he’s gone on rumoured he sold the game to buya…what is the truth?

” I dont know anything about that and i was not aware until later that day when he said whatever was said on facebook is not true and i then went to his facebook page.
I will be very clear with you why he resigned.
I approached him and highlighted to him that i want to bring Lebo Mothibantwa as his second assistant and he refused and saying that he is not confortable in working with somebody he doesnt know.
I gave him a chance and after the Nedbank cup game against Buya Msuthu, i called him and Lemmy his assistant to the side and asked them what made us to loose that game and i couldnt get clear answers and based on my analysis and expertise if this game , i felt i should bring Lebo.
At the end of the day, i am his boss and i am paying his salary and he was not going to dictate to me who to work with and not.
I brought Lebo and he slept at my house that evening
We talked about football and my analysis of that game
The shape ,shifting and transition
The following day, i think it was wednesday, i asked my drivers to take him to the training grounds.
In my mind i thought because the schools are closed then the team manager ,Mr Mhlongo will be available to introduce Lebo to the team and technical team.
When i called Mr Mhlongo,he was not at Letlhabile and i immediately called Lebo (Mothibantwa” and told him to watch the training session from the grand stand and he must not be near to them.
He did as asked and stayed there
When Coach Cleo saw Lebo,he became nervous and called me.
I told him that Lebo wont be involved with the team until i introduce him
In my mind,i wanted Lebo to be the head coach and Coach Cleo to be the technical director but then he started attacking me on our management group chat
He said i am not respecting him and why should somebody come and watch his session,
People go to TUT to watch Supersport training
People go to Chloorkop to watch Sundowns training
Whats wrong with Lebo watching your session
The only thing that can make you to behave that way is your inferiority complex.
He said all those funny things about me that i have failed to win promotion but he forgot that he was the CEO of the team by then .
The rumours that he sold the game,i cant comment on that but only God knows.
You see mr Molefe, When you sell a game, you are selling your soul.
If i ask you to sell a game to me and then i will hire you, thats been stupid because wont trust you.
I will think you will sell my games as well .
I dont think he sold the game but we were not playing as a team and we were not technical in the game,
Thats all” Concludes Mr Sello Ntsoko co owner at Young Zebras fc based in Letlhabile, Brits campaigning in Northwest ABC MOTSEPE LEAGUE