FIFA : Blatter warns Infantino in a letter

FIFA  : Blatter warns Infantino in a letter

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter finally dethroned by the scandal that hit the organization addresses through the JDD a letter to his successor Gianni Infantino.

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Dear Gianni, my president,

Our first meeting was in so long. You had just entered as a lawyer at the International Centre for Sports Studies that had been created on my initiative in Neuchâtel.

You were a young vibrant lawyer, ideas and, at the time, with hair!Over twenty years later, there you FIFA president. Last Christmas, we had met with me in Visp. You came to start your mini-presidential campaign and you had said to me: “I will win.” What realism!

Friday, it has surprised a lot to see you first in the first round of voting.Me, not too much.Without intervening directly in the election , I followed these days what was going on between the different candidates who ogled my chair to FIFA . I found that the official guidelines confederations were not fully followed by their members, it is the least we can say. The day before the election, having received information that some confederations would fall short of expected forecasts by their respective presidents, I thought you were going to win. As you had told me.

You won and I’m happy. Because you’re a good man, a young man and a neighbor. Like me you just a little lost this part of Switzerland, the Upper Valais makes us proud. You are Brig, ten kilometers from home. Brig is greater than Visp, but I do not forget that we have always been the best in football.

I congratulate you, but know however that this position you wanted will not be easy. We expect you miracles in the context in which you rebuke Fifa, I had almost led these past eighteen years, and served for forty-one years. On the way of miracles, this extraordinary congress you well helped by voting overwhelmingly to the reforms that I had indeed begun. You’re certainly remember that this is your confederation UEFA, who did not want to follow me in 2013 … These reforms, you have them now in the legs and you shall make them.

If by chance, you want an opinion or advice, do not hesitate. For now, stay calm. You have two months to implement the decisions taken. For this, you have the chance to have a regular convention in May in Mexico. Prepare yourself well but be vigilant.While everyone supports you and tells you nice words, know that once in the chair of president friends become rare.

You’re going to find a Fifa well organized and solid, which has operated in recent months despite what some have called the scandal . There will be a new committee now called council. You’ll also have to choose a secretary general who will have an increased role. Be careful and do not forget one thing: the elected president, it is you!

I noticed that François Carrard, Chairman of the Committee on Reforms, said that I had started this commission. I do not necessarily expect that candidates pronounce my name, it would have given rise to interpretations while I was completely neutral.Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale cited me in their speeches. Not you, but I understand it, especially since you were visibly moved. I was waiting rather than acting president Issa Hayatou does.

At 6:01 p.m. Friday when you were elected, my shoulders are eased weighing. Now I have fewer responsibilities and more time to take care of my life. I am no longer president. But I gladly accept the French system that, when was President, we remain president forever!

Voila, good luck, my friend Gianni. But I do not care, you will succeed.

Source : JDD