Favouritism and interests are killing our football


Our own regional SAB Leagues find it difficult to kick-off, as some still waiting for their Prize money and in some regions favouritism and interests killing the game.

According to last season report  from Safa Sedibeng region, 2 teams OVP(Orange Vaal Professionals fc) and Real hearts were supposed to be expelled as per uniform rules due to accumulating 3 or more walkovers , but they were not expelled … , other reasons are that teams requested full report from REO for the past season but report that was presented to clubs was not compressive as clubs requested,  they also cry about having unpaid prizes monies .. they have no faith in the REO and the executives of the region, the SAB teams also demand immediate reinstatement and suspension upliftment of the members of Emfuleni LFA who were unfairly suspended at the regional level for political plans … to prove these teams right , the committee went ahead and approved Nedbank cup with only 9 teams participating and even produced a winner for the province..

It is alledged game between NWU v/s Real Hearts which NWU was awarded 3 points; of which the game didnt took place, match report was requested by clubs and region not yet responded on that.

Clubs are also seeking clarity on the relationship between NWU and Mmabatho F.C who are both managed by North West University; they are both participating in SAB league

“We are now left with no choice but to ask help from National office as our region not willing to give us answers, our regional president has close ties with ORANGE VAAL PROFESSIONAL FC (OVP) and says there will be always interest and favouritism in our game” Explains Club’s official from Sedibeng Region


EASTERN CAPE:- Last month we got an email from the Region BCM (Sab league) stating the names of the three players that are suspended in the league but on Sunday(04/11/18) when City Lads were playing against Relatives FC (Suspended player was fielded) City Lads fc wanted to protest but the referee’s didn’t allow them and the chairman threaten the City Lads .
Relatives chairman is a Lfa president and his partner at the club he is General secretary of the Region BCM and his also friends with the President of the Region..


“Our protest was based on email we received from region last week but official with the influence of president of the region was dismissed and we lost that game…” says club official


Our SAB regional league’s most of them Nationwide, are not yet paid their monies and some regions says that rules are interpreted to suit others not to govern our football, they’ve lost hopes in their REO’s and their only hope is National office to resolve the matters before they can kick-off..



Sedibeng REO’s phone rang unanswered and other one went straight to voice mail…


BCM league cordinator’s phone was not answered..


We will do follow up on them, to get their side..