Dejan : Pirates supporter on Derby |

Dejan : Pirates supporter on Derby |

 Fani : Dejan another draw, are you happy with draw:

Dejan : Look, we were expecting a win but a point is better than losing to Chiefs.

Fani : Okay. So what do you think of the clubs performance since Kjell took over at the club looking at the two games he has played

Dejan : He looks like a good coach and his vision is still to be seen considering he hasn’t been at the club for long.

Fani : Do you think there’s something different now ?

Dejan : Yes, the players are starting to believe in themselves agains and those that had lost form are starting to regain form. Mpho Makola and Oupa Manyisa had a great game today and that is because they now work hard and know they can be substituted looking that Oupa was substituted in the last game.

Fani : So what are you expecting from him?

Dejan : Not much this season as the club was doing badly and losing twice with a 6 margin to Pretoria sides in one year. That was bad but the boys will redeem themselves.

Fani : So you haven given up on the year.

Dejan : No, there’s Nedbank up for grabs and like any other team we stand a good chance of winning it.

Fani : True that. So the league, where do you expect to finish.

Dejan : Top 8 spot is definite and I believe the club will bounce back.

Fani : What do you think of the Pirates supporters throwig missiles?

Dejan : Its bad for the game and the club should have structures to control them

Fani : Thanks Dejan 

Dejan : Thanks my brother.