Comrades : ” I Wants to be role model for community “, Mthembu

Comrades : ” I Wants to be role model for community “, Mthembu

The 33-year-old professional runner from Bulwer in Pietermaritzburg won his second comrade ultra marathon.

Mthembu used to run for Mr Price, Nedbank running club before switching to Arthur Ford.

In 2012 he finished second, he won his first title in 2014 ‘down run’ and finishing third in 2016

A former Pietermaritzburg casual Bricklayer won the 2017 comrade ultra marathon in from of his community and his family.

He completed the challenging 86.73-kilometre race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in a time of 5:35:34 seconds, three minutes ahead of Hatiwande Nyamande who took second place in 5:38:48 and the 2015 “up run” champion Gift Kelehe finished third 5:41:48.

“For my first born, that’s what we’re trying to show the youngsters, it doesn’t matter where you grew up, where you come from. I come from a rural area and I grew up there, so I’m trying by all means to be his role model.” said Mthembu

“Usually my family doesn’t attend my races especially my son as he says he fills or see pain in my eyes and on my face” he carried on

Mthembu achievement takes him into the history books of Comrades as he the first local runner to win it twice since Bruce Fordyce

Comrades Marathon winner Bongmusa Mthembu said he wants to lead by example and show his community what is possible through hard work and that people can make a living out of running and not only football.

For now Bongmusa Mthembu is planning to spend time with his family who he hasn’t spend time with for close to six months while he was in training.