Thousands of runners took to the streets of Kwa-Zulu Natal between Pietermaritzburg and Durban for the 2018 Comrades Marathon.

Brave men from South African Breweries (SAB) Rosslyn branch in Pretoria, dedicated their gruelling, challenging and life changing 90km Comrades run to amplify their support for the #NoExcuse movement. The #NoExcuse movement against women abuse was launched in 2017 during 16 days of activism by South Africa’s most loved beer brand – Carling Black Label.

The Champion runners consists of new as well as experienced runners, namely 39 year old Makgabane More, Denis Mafoko (39), Jim Mako (47) and Martin Leshilo (38) who are four time runners. One time runners Joel Makena (31), Xolani Jezile (40) and Lephallo Matia (39) as well as first-time runners Addie Tshuma (39), Mduduzi Ndlangamandla (32), Gaolebawe Ramorula (31) and Howard Ndlovu (38)

Speaking at the race finish line, Energy & Fluids Manager: Rosslyn Brewery and runner Joel Makena said, “One is often told that champions always finish what they start. That statement stands true to the brands commitment this year. One of the reasons we as SAB runners decided to embark on this journey was and still is based on the amount of physically abused and murdered women we hear and read about on a daily basis. The theme of this year’s Comrades Marathon has fuelled our mission even further. As a collective, our courage to create awareness about this societal ill was one of the ways in which we can do our part as men who want to see a change. Together, as men – we can do more to protect our women and it starts with initiatives such as #NoExcuse where we have an opportunity to raise awareness. We simply cannot turn our backs or ignore what is taking place in our communities. We are fighting for a South Africa where our mothers, sister and daughters no longer have to live in fear of their intimate partners. In fighting for this cause, there is no turning back.,” concluded an evidently drained Makena. Asijiki.

While many consumers of alcohol beverages, drink responsibly and in moderation, it is clear that some people who commit acts of violence have often misused alcohol. This is what lead to the beginning of the #NoExcuse movement by Carling Black Label.

Carling Black Label Director, Grant Pereira, outlined the brand’s objectives: “We aim to shine a spotlight, stimulate conversation and commit to the cause against GBV in South. Internal mobilisation forms part of our commitment to the cause pillar, thus by harnessing the courage of our Rosslyn runners, we mobilise and empower them to share positive stories and messages to combat GBV. This is a movement of people working towards a common goal. We are proud of our runners and we hope that more people and companies will join the movement in the coming years” concluded Mr. Pereira.”


Name Completion Time
Denis Mafoko 07:42:06
Martin Leshilo 9:12:33
Gaolebawe Ramorula 10:23:42
Xolani Jezile 10:47:53
Mduduzi Ndlangamadla 10:57:05
Makgaba More 10:57:22
Joel Makena 10:57:30
Jim Mako 11:00:53
Addie Tshuma 11:06:30