Chiefs Legend Jabulani Mendu on the Soweto Deby :

Chiefs Legend Jabulani Mendu on the Soweto Deby :

Fani : Hola S-Curl.

Mendu : Hey Fanzo, good to hear from you man.

Fani : Sure man, the derby what’s your take.

Mendu : Eish, I didn’t watch the live game as I had other commitment but managed to watch game afterwards.

Fani : Ok, you missed one of the biggest matches in the country.

Mendu : Yah, hey but as stated , commitments my man. Anyway, another draw.

Fani : Yes, another draw. Is that one of the reasons you didn’t watch the game?

Mendu : Look, it was a draw but a good one looking at how both teams are doing.

Fani : Statistically Chiefs had the upper hand coming into the game with no loss in 2017.

Mendu : Yes, but remember this is not just a game to the clubs or players. There is so much at stake.

Fani : Yes there is and you having facing Pirates previously in these encounters, what’s your take on the derby.

Mendu : Football evolve and things are different now and now coaches expect players to play direct football. I played with Doggy (Doctor Khumalo) and I’m telling you building to the game, he would tell everyone how he is going to win it for Chiefs and come match day, 16V would be at his best and so is the rest of the team. But like a said, football is now direct and we adapting to European philosophy.

Mendu : By the way, who was the man of the match?

Fani : A player that just had his first derby at Pirates and he scored the equalizing goal, Thembinkosi Lorch.

Mendu : Okay, the boy had a good game but looking at the game and me analyzing the game, I would have given it to Itumeleng Khune.

Fani : Why?

Mendu : Itu showed not only South Africa but the world why he is S.A’s number one. He saved Chiefs from losing to their arch rivals.

Fani : He had a good game accompanied by a good performance.

Mendu : Yes, 3 chances from Dove , Itu saving Chiefs and there was a shot from Gabuza that was was a half volley which I thought would go in but Itu pulled a brilliant save.

Fani : He always does and I am certain that we know what he is capable of but he was unlucky to have let one slip past him.

Mendu : I saw a bit of a deflection that made it become a bit of problem for him to deal with the ball because his body was already forward as he was going to pick up the ball but the deflection hit leg and the ball went in.

Fani : Yah neh. So your overall Chiefs rating of the game ?

Mendu : Chiefs played well and Steve as igrootmaan lethu is doing well at the club and we applaud his good work. The fans just need to be patient with him.

Fani : Some fans don’t think so.

Mendu : Hence I’m saying they need to a bit patient with him and I think the players are starting to understand his football philosophy and even his substitutes are good.

Fani : So it was a good game and a game of two halves?

Mendu : Yes considering that Pirates had the first half but with Chiefs scoring they had to chase the game and lucky the scored. Chiefs came back from the dressing room for the second half with believe they can score but the Pirates defense contained them.

Look, Chiefs were thrown a life line when the referee awarded them a penalty but Katsande shot was saved and that boy, Brighton Mhlongo is improving everyday. I wonder how he is feeling after saving Pirates from another a loss to their rivals.

Fani : Was it a penalty ?

Mendu : It hit his arm even though it was not intentionally as it came off his thigh. Still have to hear from Proffessor, without fear or favour on that one as to what the rules stipulate on such incidents. But it hit his arm in the penalty box. Not saying it’s a penalty or not. Open for advice.

Fani : Thanks S-Curl

Mendu : Thanks and hope to attend the next derby

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