ABC Promotional Playoffs : “Am ready for Buya Msuthu”, Mashego

ABC Promotional Playoffs : “Am ready for Buya Msuthu”, Mashego

Super Eagles will be taking on Buya Msuthu a win is a must cause a draw or lose will hand confirm Acornbush as group winners

Super Eagles have played three games and have drawn one and won two, currently they are trailing the group leaders Acornbush by three points.

Acornbush has played four games

“am very happy with my boys performance and the most important thing that I like to say is I want to thanks the man above for being with us in this game today ” said, Super eagles coach Tshegofatso Mashego

” and for us tomorrow our approach is going to be another thing when will play against Buya msuthu,like I said yesterday only if the boys are right mentally things will go our way but today lukely when I said God is working many people don’t believe” he carried on

“when I told them for him to put this game of Acornbush and Buya Msuthu before us, its for us,we prepared for an approach of the game that we played against Dolphins”, Mashego added

“When we saw Acornbush win we changed the approach of the game and I told my boys let’s go there and show this people that we can play and we do it”

“We play our normal game we’ve got nothing to lose and they’ve got nothing to lose,when we lose we are out of the tournament so far we played our football that we use to play, so far we didn’t conceded many goals for that I want to congratulate our defense as we concede only one goal against maccabi when we won 2-1”

” Adebayo Thabo selepe who scored brace today he managed to score 26 or 29 goals this season and he is our topgoal score”

” When we play Buya Msuthu tomorrow we want to close them in their winger as I’ve noticed that they are powerful on wings and they have good striker but our main aim is to go there and score goals that’s what we want nothing more”

” We came here as the underdogs, some teams I’ve attende their games an analysed their play with my technical team that why we don’t have problems when we play them because we know their style of play” he concluded