ABC : Northwest ABC Motsepe league Referees Captured

ABC : Northwest ABC Motsepe league Referees Captured

High flying ABC league team, most talked about Buya Msuthu welcomed the unbeaten side in North West ABC league so far Bakone as Polokwane City Rovers at Mogwase Stadium, on the 17th November 2016.

imageGame started as house on fire, both teams attacking each other but more attention was on officials to do their work on field for supporters to enjoy the game that was hugely expected, since this league encounter postponed twice.

Communications between referee and his assistant was also in question as most cases decisions made by other linesman from other half not even closer to the action and two officials who are near were action took place ignoring that scene by so doing that got the visiting frustrated and angered as they raised their concerns which may also be seen by blind man.

Both sides gone into first half on 1-1 but Polokwane City Rovers bench were not happy about decisions taken by the referee who most of time ignoring his linesman.

Second half it was much better compared to first half, as both teams displayed good football but the visiting team was more determined going forward and got winning goal, to have four lead on top of the league unbeaten side so far..

Buya Msuthu as home side, painted Mogwase stadium with Red and White as their hugely supported in that area.

After the game during players handshake, Mr Mosia who was middle man on the game said to one of players that ” This field have dirty games, am happy you guys got three points”

Buya came into this game as favourites to win but they got disappointed to lose at home to their rivals, they still have hope in their sister club Orbit fc to do much work for them to beat Polokwane city Rovers at home on date that will be communicated soon as actual date 19/11/16 postponed till further notice, one of the reason of game postponement is that Orbit Students still busy with their exams.

Orbit Fc officials, some with Buya Msuthu regalia were chanting message of support to “Rea Dumela” players as Buya Msuthu known, alongside two officials who are allegedly linked to match fixing in the league.

After the game, Mabaleng Sport Center had chat with few Orbit fc players to get their view on the derby between them and Buya Msuthu.

” We worked hard, preparing for that game because it was important for us but we were told to let Buya win because we are family, it didn’t set well with us because it seems Buya players are much more important than us”

” Off field they told us that their paid much while us we get peanuts but there’s nothing we can do if management allows that, who are we to question that?”

This was sadly said by Orbit FC players heart as some concerned more about their football career.

One of Buya Msuthu player said that he was asked to forge his birth date then he will not be affected on this under23 rule but he refused.

Only five games left for first round of ABC league before break, we will keep monitoring the situation on NorthWest that will be followed by Mpumalanga

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